A Case Without a Front Cover

2022.01.29 01:43 CrisuKomie A Case Without a Front Cover

Are there any cases for the latest version of the kindle paper white that don't have front cover? I'm unable to find any.
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2022.01.29 01:43 jackrv13 Anyone have a clip of Matt Riddle entering at NXT Takeover Toronto 2019?

I was trying to show my friend that you could see me in the crowd during that show, but I can’t find a clip of him starting his promo, only the brawl. Network in Canada doesn’t allow for going through the library of content so that won’t work either.
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2022.01.29 01:43 lostb0i I’m selling a ticket for Enjoy on 2/25 at the Regent in LA

Going for $25. The reason I’m selling is because my friends lagged and didn’t buy their tickets for that night but we all got tickets for the sunday show and are going to that one. Hit me up :)
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2022.01.29 01:43 pathetically_cool ahahahhahaha i cant stop laughing

my sister just pronounced tubbo as "TUBE-OH" skskksksksks i cant stop laughing
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2022.01.29 01:43 KRAZYJELLYFISH hamesha mere meme fail hote hain

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2022.01.29 01:43 Joshylord4 Request: I / Me / Myself by Will Wood

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2022.01.29 01:43 dexterous_nb Dear Mods, Can We upgrade this subreddit? Stickied Posts / Sidebar

Hi all I believe we should have the following posts created and stickied. This forum for most of us is the only place we have for information and many who develop this condition are being failed by their primary care providers. We should have the folowing posts stickied

  1. Think you have Pectus? click here
This post will contain common side effects of pectus excavatum, an explanation of getting a diagnosis, the usual routine of getting a CT Scan, Echocardiogram, and Fitness test. Haller Index, Ravitch/Nuss Procedure and Vaccum bell knowledge. Additionally it should list the chances of regression somewhere around 5% with bars in for 3-4 years, the effectiveness of multiple bars. Additionally this post will contain information describing the differences in standards of care at let's say Mayo Clinic Arizona vs Kaiser Permanente or whatever inferior hospitals that call this condition cosmetic to those who have heart compression. As far as I understand from equipment alone Kaiser and other places has been using subpar CT Scans, and cannot detect the same level of severity or heart compression in comparison to those that Mayo Clinic has. It should also be noted that many people with only mild-moderate pectus can and do have side effects. Usually as a result of Cardiac Compression and sometimes Cardiac Displacement.
  1. Picking your Surgeon
-> Use the pectus.com website to see your surgeon's reviews, number of nuss/ravitch procedures performed. The nuss procedure has a high skill cap, before deciding on one, they should have the proper info to lead them to the best possible outcomes. A rule of thumb if the surgeon calls it cosmetic, they themselves are lacking in information and should likely be thought twice about.
  1. Post your Pectus
-> This post will be the all encompassing place for people to post and ask if they have pectus, where they can then use the information from sticky post 1.
-> For both those who undergo the nuss procedure/ravitch or choose to treat using a vacuum bell.
  1. Bad Outcomes, Bad Diagnosis
-> Here is where we all gather the shortcomings and pitfalls from when where and who we receive car from. Collecting this information will serve us all and prevent more people from being ignored, misdiagnosed, and overall neglected. We don't need to repeat the cycle, we ought to try to fix it.
Cheer's to all to getting on the right path, hope we can make it happen.
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2022.01.29 01:43 RelentlessThought CPU Generated Sim League XSX

New CPU Sim League. First 10 users will have first pick of team. The rest of the league will enter a random number generator to determine pick selection. Simulation game style adjusted sliders to promote a bit more realism. Immediate boot for quitting during games and 3 play cool down. Don't dm upvote post and respond here for an invite.
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2022.01.29 01:43 hariharan618 We're live with Minko from angular team. Come join us

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2022.01.29 01:43 bubblegamer417 Hey new members make flags look at flags for l'manburg

If you’re new to the community, Create a flag like flags look at flags
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2022.01.29 01:43 Grainy_Escapade should you freeze / refrigerate developer for medium to long term storage?

im using c41 dev. so in addition of using accordion bottle to keep it from oxidizing i was wondering if i should freeze it or keep it chilled for medium to long term storage.
im a hobbyist who enjoys shooting and dev film myself so i dont use that much roll but when im having a little vacation i use enough roll to justify doing them myself instead going to a lab.
thank you.
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2022.01.29 01:43 bluetuxedo22 Bad dog for life

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2022.01.29 01:43 Fine_Temperature_432 Peer pressure to be a ladies man

Anytime the word “dating” comes up I always get anxious. I’ve had friends and roommates say “you haven’t got laid yet or where’s your gf bro”. I’ve tried online dating and it dosent work. Plus all the other ways to meet girls is shitty bars. I guess I would like to have one advantage in life. Whether it’s being rich or be good looking or charismatic but I have none of those. I get envious of athletes, entertainers or just good looking people in public in general. I know it’s NOT healthy to feel this way but I guess it’s hard not too when everyone expects to entertain everyone.
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2022.01.29 01:43 a_literal_leaf The Years leading up to the Third World War

Hello again, I've been trying to set up a kind of WW3 setting for sometime now and I wanted to share some bits and pieces I have so far. Please note that this is all fiction, and I'm not predicting anything here, ok? Cool, without further ado...
A Rising Ocean
“Hell, I’m still fking surprised how Miami, if not the entire goddamn state of Florida still fkin’ exists!?” -A California citizen, 2056
As climate change continues to sweep the globe, many nations had to come up with ways to combat a changing environment and rising sea levels. In America, in early 2028, President Alan Marshall campaigned for continuing massive infrastructure plans the last administration had to combat the crisis. Throughout the US, major projects of desert irrigation, hydraulic levees, sea walls, and other major revolutions in energy helped save coastal cities and stabilize supply chains. This became known as the National Climate Initiative. Additionally, power backup lines and water resources were prepared if a blackout attack or similar incident occurred in the United States.
The U.S. also urged its neighbors and allies to begin similar initiatives throughout the world. In particular countries like Germany, The Netherlands Denmark, and the United Kingdom, seawalls and other forms of marine protection were built to prevent coastal territories from being swallowed up by the sea. While most nations in North America and Europe managed to secure most of what was needed, there were still several populations pushed inward.
Other countries however were not as successful however. In Africa, with over 100 million people already in extreme poverty, and with problems of the reduction of water essentials, causing shortages of food and other necessary needs, the continent has been pushed even further into the brink of chaos. In Eastern Europe, or more specifically, Russia, while the government did roll out some initiatives throughout the region, it didn’t seem to do too much in terms of the climate crisis, as it led to a reduction of snow and cold temperatures within the country, and hopefully open up new trade routes in the long run.
In Asia, the rising sea level sparked a large crisis with the continent. Within countries like China and India, hundreds of thousands of civilians fled the coast as the sea began to threaten coastal cities throughout Asia. Even countries like Japan, while not having a crisis in the same magnitude of a crisis as in China, still enacted initiatives to protect coastal towns and cities from the sea.
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2022.01.29 01:43 Then-Stage Doctors Note?

Has anyone here gotten a doctor's note for work? I have Hashimotos which gives me chronic fatigue and sleep issues. My work wants me to start working over night. I was wondering if the doctor is likely to grant the note or not. Any experiences?
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2022.01.29 01:43 incognitocelibe Siempre soy el último en todo y mi vida es una tristeza.

Hola, aquí estoy yo otra vez el incógnito solitario, bien pues no hay día en el cual no recuerde que soy solo un perdedor solitario que ha sido condenado a vivir en soledad sin una novia y privado de las experiencias satisfactorias e increíbles y mágicas tales como ser amado, el primer beso, la primera vez y tener novia, es algo muy triste la vida prácticamente me ha mantenido privado de esas experiencias, siempre desde que tenía 5 años tuve deseos de saber cómo sería besar a una chica y cuando tenía 13 sentí deseos de tener novia y también otro tipo de deseos incontrolables, sin embargo a pesar de todo el tiempo que ha pasado desde que tenía esas edades nunca he logrado tener una novia ni mi primer beso ni siquiera ningún tipo de afecto femenino de ninguna chica que haya conocido, es una injusticia.
El día 26 de enero tuve una experiencia en la cual no pude evitar sentir demásiada irá y mucha envidia y tristeza ya que escuché a uno de mis conocidos hablar de una experiencia privada que tuvo con una chica la cual era unos años más joven que el, logré escuchar como el hablo sobre eso y otras personas que lo escucharon comenzaron a felicitarlo y a decirle bromas sobre ellos insinuando que hizo lo correcto y fue "afortunado", no pude evitar sentir demásiada irá y envidia incluso deseaba levantarme bruscamente del lugar e irme sin embargo no lo hice por vergüenza a qué se dieran cuenta de que me sentí incómodo.
Sin embargo después no pude evitar dejar de pensar en lo dichoso y afortunado que era ese chico, logro estar con una más joven que probablemente aún era "pura" y le dió su "pureza" por primera vez a el, que dichoso de verdad y que envidia e injusticia que mientras yo estoy aquí sin ni siquiera haber dado un beso otros disfrutan esas satisfactorias y mágicas experiencias, lamentablemente yo nunca podré experimentar eso ya que la mayoría de chicas de mi edad no son para nada "puras" y ya han perdido esa "pureza" con alguien más y probablemente si algún día consigo novia ya no sea pura y eso para mí sería algo muy triste e imperdonable y me haría sentir mucha ira ya que no habría guardado su pureza solo para mí y se la habría regalado a otros que no se la merecían y eso para mí es algo imperdonable y no dudaría en rechazarla y hacer que desaparezca de mi vista porque si no guardo su pureza para mí entonces no me sirve, talvez crean que lo digo por cuestiones religiosas, pero en realidad no creo en nada y lo digo porque yo quisiera ser el primero en la vida de alguna chica y por primera vez por lo menos ser el primero en algo y ser especial y no ser visto solo como uno más de los que estuvo, porque muy probablemente me compare con sus anteriores novios y pensaría que ellos hacían mejor eso o eran mil veces mejores que yo y la verdad no soporto ser comparado con nadie porque me da demasiada irá, lamentablemente siempre soy el último en todo y soy un don nadie que nunca obtengo nada de lo que quiero y solo seré uno de los muchos con quién estuvo una chica que tristeza, por eso sí una se siente atraída por mi y no es "pura" no la rechazaré pero esperaré el momento perfecto para hacer que sienta la misma tristeza que yo sentí al saber que no se reservo para mí. Porque toda aquella que haya estado con alguien más y crea que puede tener algo conmigo estaría cometiendo una falta de respeto y una falta grave en mi contra.
Sin embargo probablemente eso no pase debido a mi poca capacidad para conseguir novia por culpa de mis muchos defectos físicos como mi rostro, mi voz y que soy muy malo en los deportes, mi única virtud es que siempre he sido "inteligente" y en la secundaria siempre era reconocido por ser un excelente alumno y podía por lo menos una vez sentirme superior y un ganador, sin embargo a pesar de eso nunca logré atraer a ninguna siempre fui un fantasma o un don nadie para las chicas y por eso tengo nada de capacidades para conseguir una novia pero igualmente siempre planeo las cosas días o años antes de que pasen y si pasa esa situación estaré listo para ser lo más frío posible para hacer que pida perdón y sienta mis tristes sentimientos.
Desearía algún día lograr dejar de ser un don nadie sin reconocimiento, novia y admiradores y algún día ser conocido y amado de verdad, solo eso me haría sentir mejor y me haría olvidar todo lo malo que me ha pasado en la vida. Aunque otras cosas nunca las olvidare como lo doloroso que fue vivir toda la adolescencia privado de experiencias como tener novia y un amor adolecente o mi primera vez o mi primer beso y para mí eso nunca lo voy a olvidar o perdonar porque yo no perdono a nadie que haya cometido faltas como rechazarme o reírse de mi además fui prácticamente obligado a vivir una vida de soledad.
Sin embargo esa tristeza debido a que nunca tuve un amor en la adolescencia y fui privado de vivir las experiencias de un adolescente normal seguirá en mis pensamientos siempre y nunca olvidare que la vida me privó de esa vida normal y experiencias satisfactorias.
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2022.01.29 01:43 younganddumbxo Feel uncomfortable with bf talking to his ex.

I (22F) dislikes when my bf (20) talks to his ex. If it were casual then i’d be fine but they’re literally talking every single day. they’re on the phone with each other alllllll the time. of curse when i’m not around. he also put me on the phone with her once before. before i knew it was his ex. he put her on the phone to reassure me that she was only a friend. then later on he tells me that’s his ex. am i being too controlling, is this normal
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2022.01.29 01:43 Cortadew I love this game

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2022.01.29 01:43 Dr_AquaPhre5h This actually look kinda dope

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2022.01.29 01:43 Hrmbee Fashion for Hostile Architecture

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2022.01.29 01:43 irishace88 [Jon Krawczynski] Finch on Beasley: "It's on him now. It's on him. Opportunity is never going to be issue."

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2022.01.29 01:43 Dependent_Fix8821 Why did my boss tell me to wait till Monday to file my taxes even though I got my W-2?

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2022.01.29 01:43 xatchq OCE Horde or Alliance?

Anyone from OCE know which faction is played more/which faction has better raiding & mythic+ options
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2022.01.29 01:43 mwar76 Lockout order lifted at Newburgh school after nearby shootout

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2022.01.29 01:43 Nobium777 r/workreform deleted my post calling for anti-bigotry

This was my full post:
"There are black workers, queer workers, female workers, disabled workers, etc. If a worker movement is led by social conservatives, it will only benefit cishet white male abled workers and damage of everyone else.
Iirc most of the workers laid off during the pandemic were women. Black and queer people are much more likely to be in poverty, too. And not to mention disabled people who already have a hard time performing. Should we really think worker's rights has nothing to do with anti-bigotry?
Minorities may seem like a few people but add us all together we make up a portion of the working class. Sacrificing the needs of the bottom for the wants of the not-so-bottom is not very worker-y."
That post was deleted instantly--without notifying me or specifying the reason. I had to check my own profile to see that the post was gone without a trace, as I've noticed that I strangely haven't received any notification about the post.
I've given workreform as much benefit of the doubt I could, but to me this is the last nail on the coffin. They won't tolerate anti-bigotry and think minority workers are less important.
If you don't believe me, just try posting something similar and I bet it'll be taken down.
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