Mesa's Classic Drivers Have Been Retired - Affecting ATI R100/R200 & More

2021.12.03 22:56 passes3 Mesa's Classic Drivers Have Been Retired - Affecting ATI R100/R200 & More

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2021.12.03 22:56 Sammyofather Getting back into the game and attempting to create a small community to practice, learn, improve , and have fun with!

Hi LoL community, my name is Sam and I used to be the worst LoL member on my high schools team. I’ve played a wide variety of competitive games in my time here and last week I downloaded LoL again. I’ve played about 20 games so far and been watching Neace on YouTube and I can confidently say I’m so much better at this than when I grinded hundreds of hours in high school and never got out of low silver. I’ve just become a more motivated, open minded person, and have learned how to channel my focus. My goal here today is to create a small community of like minded people who will accept criticism and discuss decisions made in games together. The opposite of toxic lol. I’ve found so far this community is a bunch of big ego losers perma stuck in low ranks because they can’t accept their decisions are the problems. Anyways, I’m generally free between 12-4 pm and 11pm-3am US East. It’s a weird schedule but I also have some days off that I may choose to play league on. Im 20 years old and my name is Sam btw, age doesn’t matter to me if your mindset is straight. :)
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2021.12.03 22:56 FairFallen Hello

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2021.12.03 22:56 ARAM_2020 Saitama's Greatest Duel: How Close Was it? An In-Depth Analysis

Saitama's Greatest Duel: How Close Was it? An In-Depth Analysis Hello!
In the post I will attempt to explain who has been Saitama's greatest opponent thus far... using clues left to us from ONE and Murata!
First I would like to cover how we, as the audience, are meant to understand power levels via visible cues. Since we won't always have a DBZ Scouter and a numeric power level, we have to rely on more subtle hints to understand rankings. There are two methods I would like to bring up:
  1. Using scale-distortions and lighting effects to convey a power discrepancy:
Some of the most iconic moments in our favorite anime utilize this technique. It is often used to show the victim's perspective of events. Even though the opponent is not literally the portrayed size, the overwhelming power discrepancy is conveyed. This technique is used 3 times to my knowledge in One Punch Man:
1 - The iconic \"Death\" Punch from Saitama
2 - King vs Tongue Stretcher

3 - Tanktop Blackhole vs Saitama
You will notice in these 3 OPM examples, the animators include not only an exaggerated scale of the aggressor, but also colorful auras and effects used to suggest an other-worldly ability. Also note that the attack is viewed from the target's perspective, suggesting that this is actually how the target views the attack out of fear.
The next method of visible cues we can use to establish rankings is:
2. How damage, injuries, and stamina loss are conveyed to the audience in anime:
Blood, Bruises, and Sweat
Blood, bruises and sweat are our most common clues as to how much characters are exerting themselves, and to what extent they are infact damaged.
Saitama has bled twice on screen, once during his fight with Crablante before he broke his limiter, and another time in a dream.
Bruises are tricky in anime, as a series of black lines is used to indicate both marks/bruising on skin (real damage) as well as simply dirt from the epic explosions that take place during battles. I think in this case we are safe to say Saitama has not been bruised or scraped either (except by a cat) which brings me to an important nuance: Gags in anime.
Sweat is often used to convey distress or extreme emotion in gag scenarios in One Punch Man. In the same fashion as a lost cat scratches Saitama, or a mosquito cannot be killed by Saitama, we understand that these are in place for comedic relief, thus we separate these cues from actual ones occuring in battle.
That being said, last on the list is sweat. Believe it or not, Saitama does sweat in battles in non-gag-related events. I know what you're thinking... "this isn't that important... even if we determine gag-sweat vs actual physical exertion sweat, surely something so irrelevant doesn't matter!" WRONG.
If We compare Anime and Manga, you will notice this seemingly small detail is replicated 100% of the time consistently:
Saitama sweating after Boros Knees him into the moon
So I hope you can agree with me when I say sweat drops are one of the best indicators as to how much Saitama is exerting himself in a fight.
Which brings us to the question: When is the only time Saitama visibly sweats in a non-gag fashion during an intense battle? I will give you a hint, its also the ONLY SAITAMA FIGHT with 20 seconds straight of hand-to-hand grappling:
Saitama vs Tanktop Blackhole
Thats right folks, not only was this duel the only time Saitama went literally hand-to-hand for an extended period of time with an opponent, it is also the only time we have seen him exert himself to the level of perspiration outside of a fight where Boros sent him off the planet.
"That was just a Gag fight" some will say. You could not be more wrong. People on this subreddit frequently underestimate tanktop magic. They think Tanktop Blackhole is just a clown side-character because he is Class B rank 81... Need I remind you of another hero incorrectly ranked low??? Saitama in the above picture is still ranked in class C!
Now yes, Tanktop Blackhole is also sweating in this duel, I make no claims that Tanktop Blackhole surpasses Saitama:
Sure maybe Tanktop Blackhole cried too, but when you think about it tears are just eyeball sweat
So yes, Tanktop Blackhole lost to Saitama, however he was also to date the closest rival Saitama has known, he gave Saitama his closest fight. I would argue Saitama caught Tanktop Blackhole by surprise, naturally with a grip strength of 2,800 PSI you have to hold back on your squeezes when you aren't fighting to the death. It is likely both Saitama and Tanktop Blackhole were shocked by each other's strength, leading to the extended grappling contest.
So there you have it my friends. By analyzing in-depth the hints left to us from the artists, I have deciphered Saitama's one true rival. The only time Saitama has felt fear and exerted himself in a battle, as well as grapple for an extended period of time with the enemy... I look forward to seeing future battles between these two that stand atop the S class in One Punch Man!
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2021.12.03 22:56 Vervolg Crizal Sapphire Damaged on Delivery?

I ordered lenses for SVL computer (intermediate) eyeglasses with Essilor lenses with Crizal Sapphire, High Index, & Scratch Resistant.
Received lenses with damaged coating. It the store the lenses seemed like they were just smudged from handling - but after arriving home tried to clean gently with the cloth provided by the merchant - no improvement. Further inspection at an angle revealed weird hexagonal shapes with a hole in the middle and worn away coating.
I have been using Crizal Sapphire Essilor lenses for many years - and am meticulous about care of lenses - never had a scratch or a problem. I did have coating issues years ago. And I explained my concerns in detail when placing the order.
Optician says he has the "envelope" proving they are authentic? What went wrong here? I can't return them until Monday - and need some technical help understanding the problem.
The other issues is upon close inspection the frames which admittedly were very cheap - are clearing used, vintage frames but were not represented as such.
Processing img wbzvo2rjlf381...
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2021.12.03 22:56 UCSocialDead iPhone 13 T-Mobile trade in offer

I am trying to buy the iPhone 13 by adding a new line with T-Mobile. When I got to the mobile set up page and fill in all my info for the credit check, it kept showing “we had an issue”.
Anyone know how to get pass this?
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2021.12.03 22:56 Ranzware Security Focused DeFi Project EverRise Now Live on 3 Blockchains, Staking Introduced

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2021.12.03 22:56 Jhoffrun apple music replay, W or L?

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2021.12.03 22:56 Fantastic_Voice7665 Hello!

I just moved to a place where I have 24 hour sauna access and wanted to know first hand experiences about health benefits or positive changes you have noticed. Also curious about how often you use your sauna. I believe the one I’ll use is electric.
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2021.12.03 22:56 Sith_in_the_mountain A helpful tip for all drivers.

The tires on our cars are going to wear out faster than the average tire lifespan and a 4 tire purchase all at once is expensive. It can look like a big expense but if you buy a tire every other month in advance you’ll thank yourself later.
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2021.12.03 22:56 Iam_the0ne I’m EDP445’s cupcake, AMA.

Ask me anything I might respond might not I’m just procrastinating.
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2021.12.03 22:56 leafieie [Highlight] Garland shoots three straight technical free throws... Holiday, Harrell and Bertans were called for the techs

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2021.12.03 22:56 ValerioMaz Fish eggs???

Hi I’m vegetarian since the first of september and of course I’ve been eating common eggs
There’s a friend of mine who’s constantly inviting me out for sushi and obv I refuse because my options would be like 4 plates out of 300
But now I’m being held hostage by a philosophical dilemma: are fish eggs doable? (‘cause there are quite a lot of sushi varieties with fish eggs but WITHOUT fish flesh)
I presume it’s personal preference but I still wanna hear your opinions, thanks!
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2021.12.03 22:56 SeaSchell14 Suggestions for fun but safe alternatives to going to the gym?

I really want to get in shape, but I despise going to the gym. It’s so boring, nothing to distract from the work of it. I was thinking of maybe taking up indoor rock climbing, but I’ve heard that can be very hard, and it might be challenging to do it safely. Does anyone here have any ideas?
As a reference, I am 26F and am diagnosed with hEDS. I’m at a healthy weight, but I just have no strength or muscle definition at all, and I really want to change that.
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2021.12.03 22:56 XxZz1992xX My goodest boy’s last week

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2021.12.03 22:56 Holy_Balls45 Dumped my girlfriend after she disrespected my home.

So I've posted on here before about me and this girl met and how we're going through bumpy stuff already. I met her at the gym, she's 21 and I'm 26. She's also in college and clubs and parties regularly. I'm 26 and have a full time job with a home. I have more on my plate than her.
We got into an argument the other week because I told her not to bring her sister to my house after she disrespected my boundaries. She apologized and we made up the next day. She's comes over at least 3 or r times a week and our sex life was pretty active.
But yesterday, I feel she crossed the line. She goes to a certain club every week for college night and she invited me and I went since I had a day off today. It was fun, we got wasted but I still clearly remember the night. I tell her she can sleep over at my house since it's closer than dorm.
We get to my house and we have great sex. When she's falling asleep, she tells me she doesn't feel good and runs for the restroom except she pukes on the way there. She at least made it to the bathroom. I get up to help her and I'm extremely not coherent. She puked on the floor and missed the toilet some. I tell her it was fine and to clean it up in the morning. She says okay and we go to sleep.
In the morning, I had a hang over but it wasn't terrible. She doesn't wake up till almost noon while I was up at around 8 a.m. She has a terrible hang over but I tell her to clean up her mess. She says no and tells me "you've been awake this whole time and couldn't clean it for me ?" I told her I was not her maid and expected her to clean it up.
She gets up goes to the bathroom and couldn't take the smell and threw up again. This time in the tub. She says she can't and I told her she had to. She gets mad and tells me she can't because she has to be in class in an 1 hr. That was a lie but I was tired of it. I tell her okay and tell her to gather her things and I drive her to her dorm. As she's getting out, I tell her "hey I don't think we should see each other anymore, that was fucked up what you did at my house." She gets teary eyed and starts saying it was an accident and that she can go back later to clean it.
I tell her no, I told her to clean it at the moment and she disrespected me by expecting me to clean it up. I told her "take care of yourself." And drove off.
She's been texting and calling me a day asking me for another chance. I'm sick of it and we've been dating for almost 3 months only. People I know are telling me she's probably the hottest chick I'll ever get with and should take her back. Considering she's pretty fuckkng hot but I'm looking passed that now.
Should I forgive her?
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2021.12.03 22:56 ludeboy562 Bobs leather tool belts - northern California

Does anyone here wear them? or own a set? Price point is extremely affordable and they appear at first glance to be comparable to occidentals. Hoping to gather some more opinions before ordering
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2021.12.03 22:56 James_Pavell7 When Someone far tries to say something

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2021.12.03 22:56 strawberrysorbett if you own a mitsubishi lancer and just cut me off in gawler

just know that i will find you, and i will kill you.
i had the green light when turning left and you were supposed to turn with care!! you were literally about to cut me off and beeped at me when i got in front of you smh. do not underestimate L platers 👎
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2021.12.03 22:56 nooa11 Yea i said it

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2021.12.03 22:56 Noooronly555 16.4FT Long Waist Trainer for Women with Loop, 6IN Wide Miracle Waist Wrap for Stomach Weight Loss, Plus Size Body Wraps Waist Trimmer. Price is $30. USA testers Dm me

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2021.12.03 22:56 jboxedd Anyone know if the APAC North open quals will be streamed?

And if so, where?
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2021.12.03 22:56 Telesuru He will change

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2021.12.03 22:56 Grabba-The-Butt 14 soda stream bottles refilled with the dry ice method coming to room temp. $2.71 a piece

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2021.12.03 22:56 WRDKH How do i get Shedinja?

I need a Nincada at least on Level 19 (lvl 20 after lvl up), a free slot in my team and also a POKEBALL, right?
I tried the following: Nincada with a held Ultraball Nincada with a held Pokeball Nincada with nothing held Nincada as the only Pokemon in team Nincada as the 5th Pokemon in team (6th slot is free) Nincada as the first Pokemon in team (6th slot is free)
I've every obtainable ball in my bag. I lvl up to evolve with a candy.
What did i wrong?
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