He really does hit this button a lot

2021.10.19 15:05 Satans_Idle_Thoughts He really does hit this button a lot

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2021.10.19 15:05 ZacZook Alibaba Futuristic AI Hotel

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2021.10.19 15:05 ChaoCobo Is there a way to permanently block someone from ever appearing in the list of comments at all?

They still appear as “Blocked Author” and they don’t fucking go away regardless of being blocked. I want them to not show up at all. How can I do that?
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2021.10.19 15:05 Dr_GIR Hempfield school board member balks at mask scofflaws as opposition to mask mandate continues

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2021.10.19 15:05 pungrypungryhippo Algeria: The Powderkeg of North Africa

For decades Algeria has been vying for the leadership of North Africa against its western neighbour Morocco, with their competition encompassing the Western Sahara conflict, terrorism and militarism in the Sahel, and economic rivalry. Now the conflict is bubbling up again, with both states building up their armed forces, facing internal instability, and lashing out at each other with rhetoric. Will this escalation help secure Algeria’s future in the region, or fuel instability to the point of collapse?
On the panel to discuss this issue:
JALEL HARCHAOUI >> Senior Fellow at Global Initiative, specialising in Libya, Algeria, and North Africa
ROBERT S. FORD >> Former US Ambassador to Algeria, US State Department lead in Syria, Deputy US Ambassador in Iraq, and Chief of Mission in Bahrain, Senior Fellow at the Middle East Institute, Professor at Yale University
RICCARDO FABIANI >> Reporter and Project Director for the International Crisis Group specialising in North Africa and the Sahel
The North African nation of Algeria is facing the consequences of its deep-rooted economic failures that have come about from decades of mismanagement and failure to diversify their economy away from oil. The economic health of the state is reliant on the international oil prices, setting a deeply unstable foundation for its future generations, and catalysing the protests across the nation calling for changes in leadership and economic policy. Concurrently, the country continues to struggle with its post-colonial national identity.
Located at the gates of the Sahel, Algeria has been an important actor in counter-terrorism in the region, facing threats both internal and external. The Algerian security services have fought extremists in North Africa for years, and the problem has flared up again recently. Algeria has experience cooperating with both UN peace and reconnaissance missions, as well as US/European counter-terrorism forces.
To understand Algeria, you must understand the flashpoint between Algeria and Morocco, the issue of Western Sahara, a breakaway region from Morocco that seeks its independence. Algeria is a dedicated defender of Western Saharan independence which has long been a thorn in the two states’ relationship, and will be for some time as Algeria remains committed. In august this year the two cut their diplomatic ties because of this conflict.
The French colonial legacy still remains significant in Algeria and seeps into its domestic and foreign politics. In recent years, the rifts and national narratives this legacy creates has become more important than ever as Algeria feels more and more geopolitically threatened. From the US partial withdrawal, to Morocco’s growing relations with Israel, the status quo is under threat, and Algeria feels on the losing side. Algeria has made moves to create their own independence and has challenged France by banning their airspace. The vacuum of the change in US policy has begun to be filled by Israel and Morocco, who Algeria fears above all may begin to exchange weaponry and destroy any equivalence between their armed forces and Morocco’s. Algeria is in a dangerous geopolitical neighbourhood, which includes Sahel terrorism, Malian border problems, Libyan chaos, and the Western Sahara conflict. If Algeria is backed into a corner, are they all the more dangerous and likely to strike out?
You can check out the episode through one of the links below:
Website >> https://www.theredlinepodcast.com/post/episode-54-algeria-the-powderkeg-of-north-africa
Apple Podcasts >> https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/54-algeria-the-powderkeg-of-north-africa/id1482715810?i=1000538853471
Spotify >> https://open.spotify.com/episode/4ULPE02ta7UHkf3PARXQda
Google Podcasts >> https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly90aGVyZWRsaW5lLmxpYnN5bi5jb20vcnNz/episode/NWI3ZDQyZTktMTg5OC00YTUyLTllOTUtNzRhYzIyZGNiMzJl
YouTube >> https://youtu.be/wSXfoo5zCZ0
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2021.10.19 15:05 MAFiA_79 Free Bitcoin mining with Sormgain

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2021.10.19 15:05 Nemo-504 A day closer

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2021.10.19 15:05 Kaneki_Yeager Predator Island (Dead Meat Podcast Ep. 151)

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2021.10.19 15:05 elcapitandongcopter Add a title

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2021.10.19 15:05 sugar-soad I promised myself that I wouldn't starve myself ever again, after I woke up in a hospital bed after passing out from hunger

I began to second guess this decision after my mother came in to visit me, and pointed out how the hospital gown makes me look chubby
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2021.10.19 15:05 Secret-Scientist456 School bus stops

So I purchased a house not long ago and since school has started there are parents and children (like 8-10 of them) that gather on my front lawn and driveway and wait for their school bus. There is no sidewalk just our lawn then the road, so they are basically hanging out on the middle of our lawn and driveway.
We have no children.
So, not that I want to be the person that tells people to get off our lawn, but I have questions...
1)How did they decide that our lawn would be where the bus picks the kids up at?
2)If someone gets injured while standing in our property is that on us even though we didn't have any say in this?
3) Our lawn and gardens need a ton of work and I've found litter in our yard, not sure if it was from the kids or just the wind blew it in, but once we save enough to get our lawn taken care of I'm not sure i want a bunch of children and adults trampling all over it... what are the rules for this and is some of the front yard considered municipal property (I heard this somewhere)?
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2021.10.19 15:05 mydadbald420 Bhopal Durga Puja Visarjan case: Shahrukh and Umar arrested, devotees say they hurled abuses before ramming car into them: “We had told the car driver that the road is narrow and that the procession is passing through and advised him to take another route. But he refused and hurled abuses before run

Bhopal Durga Puja Visarjan case: Shahrukh and Umar arrested, devotees say they hurled abuses before ramming car into them: “We had told the car driver that the road is narrow and that the procession is passing through and advised him to take another route. But he refused and hurled abuses before run submitted by mydadbald420 to SanghiKeralam [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 15:05 SesshamoNekodearuzo Afghan economy, carpet exports hit by US sanctions

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2021.10.19 15:05 kazma18 Are you a student at fyb university?

View Poll
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2021.10.19 15:05 Inquisitivemonke Detach: A SciFi short story about mental illness

I had been cooped up in my filthy residence pod for years. The automated cleaning bot I'd been provided had long since stopped working because I couldn't be bothered to do the most basic of maintenance, and it's lifeless steel added to the piles of trash that filled every nook and cranny of the place.
The only clear space was the spot where I connected to a virtual reality headset and escaped into a world where I was someone else, not this defective, bloated bag of useless meat. I had drugs and meals delivered every day, my ubi covered it. It was a bleak existence. An existence whose only purpose was to wait for nonexistence.
I did have friends that I met with online, especially for cyber sex. It just didn't feel the same with an ai partner. That night I was looking for someone receptive when I noticed a friend I hadn't seen online in months. I requested a meeting, and my request was approved. When my friend appeared before me, I was taken aback by his appearance. Instead of the beautiful chiseled elven avatar I was familiar with, he had instead chosen a fairly plain human, greasy hair, pockmarked skin, imperfect proportions and all.
But the most peculiar part was his smile, I hadn't seen one so genuine in forever, and certainly never from him. Our previous trysts were only to fulfill mutual needs, which included some words of affection, but nothing more. "I'm so glad to see you!" The feeling wasn't shared. "I'm guessing you aren't here for the usual, or did you think I'd be into that avatar?"
He chuckled. "this isn't an avatar, it's me!" I gawked at him. It was practically unheard of to appear as yourself, unless you were one of those narsassitic "perfects" and he clearly was not. "Listen, I need to tell you about this new form of therapy they've come out with. It's changed my life and I know it can change yours too."
Upon the mention of therapy, I began to bristle. How much effort had I wasted on promises of normality? Hopes of fixing myself had long since died. I frowned and said nothing. "I'm telling you this isn't like anything you've tried. They'll teach you to love yourself. It's called detachment therapy. Maybe afterwards we can meet for real, wouldn't that be nice?"
"No. It fucking wouldn't." I disconnected from the virtual reality stream, unplugged the sensory input device from my brain stem and returned to my wretched reality. What an asshole. How many times had I heard someone say I could learn to love myself? I'm unlovable. That's just the truth.
I looked into the mirror that was in my room and saw my body sliced into a million sections. I'd forgotten that I'd shattered it in a moment of self hatred. It was a perfect metaphor, because I was nothing but a bunch of dysfunctional cells. Not a whole, not a spirit, not a soul. Just a bunch of discontinuous malfunctioning parts. Soon, my body would fail, and I'd be inert and decomposing like my cleaning bot.
The next morning I searched up detachment therapy, found someone offering it near me, and signed up for an appointment. During the night something had clicked, and I figured that it was at least worth a try. It's not like it would make me any more miserable than I already was.
I hadn't been outside in a while, but the bitter taste of being in a world that I could never truly be a part of was immediately recognizable. I hung my head in shame as I walked to the clinic, as if that prevented the world from gawking at this beast who did not belong.
The therapist greeted me at the door. Of course he was a perfect... I couldn't stand looking at him so I continued staring at the floor as he walked me to the therapy room, explaining what we were going to do on the way. "I see you have a brain stem input, that's perfect, do you spend time in virtual reality?"
"No shit." "Well, great! So then this will be a piece of cake." The therapist led me into a room that was completely bare except for a peculiar device attached to the far wall. It was a lens on a ball, attached to a flexible stalk. It looked like one of those "web cameras" people plugged into their desktop computers back in the day.
"So, how much do you know about your brain produces your sense of self?" "Absolutely nothing dude." "Ok no problem, so it's just a of a network of nuerons just like the networks you use to hear sounds, see color, taste food, and stuff like that. It's how when you're in virtual reality, you feel like you're really your avatar. So when I plug this modulator into your brain stem input it will transfer your sense of self over to the psychosomatic therapy detachment simulator, that's the device you see on the wall. You'll be able to see and talk to yourself."
"That's it? I talk to myself all the damn time." "So do I! But trust me this is different. Every time you've talked to yourself, you've also been yourself. Detachment therapy allows you to experience yourself as if you were someone else. It's better if you just try it out".
"Wait, so I won't have control over my body?" "Your body will have control of your body, and your brain will have control over your brain. Just like normal. The only difference is the location of your sense of self. I'm going to set a 60 minute timer, but don't worry I'll be right outside." The therapist plugged the modulator into my brain stem input and left the room.
At first I didn't feel anything, and then I felt my vision shifting into a different field of view. I was looking at myself. At every part of myself that I didn't like, which was most of the parts. I began to immediately regret leaving my residence pod. I could be looking at beautiful landscapes and gorgeous beings, instead of this thing that was supposedly me. My body spoke up:
"Why don't you fucking talk already? Isn't that why we're here? Don't you want to tell me how much of a disgrace I am? Lay it on me, bitch!" I didn't know what to tell myself, but it wasn't that. Looking at myself as an other was an experience that I needed time to process. So I let my body talk some more. "Alright, well this was a waste of time. Clearly my brain is too abnormal for this thing to work."
I finally spoke up through the detachment device's mic "No, your brain works kinda well actually. Isn't that why you're so upset? Because you know the truth. You know that it's all meaningless. You know there's nothing inside you that makes you unique or special. You're just a slave to all the toxic patterns that were hammered into you when you were young."
These were all things I'd said to myself before, and things that I heard people say to me, but I wasn't myself right now. The assumption that I was by default a sack of useless shit no longer applied. Instead I saw things in myself that I could only see in others. Even beauty. That wretched word that could only apply to fantasies. But now I could see, I was a fantasy too. After some more conversation, the therapist came in, uplugged the modulator and I once again had the sensation of inhabiting my body. But it felt different now. I scheduled another session in a couple days.
On the way home I bought new oil and new filters for my cleaning bot, as well as some other things I realized I needed, like deodorant and soap. I had many repeat sessions of detachment therapy following, often running well over the time limit.
Perhaps the most important thing I realized, was that wasn't anything special about the perfects. They came in all shapes and sizes and colors, there was nothing perfect about them at all. It was my expectations that clouded my judgement of them. Even the therapist was basically me in some fancy clothes.
I thought about telling my friend, but then I realized I needed to do something first. I bought a body scanner, and uploaded my real self into the virtual reality stream. Then I waited till he was online. It was strange when he materialized in front of me. Strange because he looked exactly the same, yet a felt an attraction to him much stronger than when he was using his sexy elf avatar. Upon seeing my imperfect human form, he smiled. And I smiled back.
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2021.10.19 15:05 En3ermost I love this OS after Windows 7!

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2021.10.19 15:05 RT_Video_Bot Spitting Bars in the 7-Eleven VIP Lounge - Watch Us Watch U

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2021.10.19 15:05 peacetimepainting Is this the best Wargaming Store on the planet?

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2021.10.19 15:05 sepientr34 Age of consent under socialism

For ownership Example is kid under 18 can't own home under capitalism because they will get cheated
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2021.10.19 15:05 Klakess Hate when that happens

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